Mac Metals

Today’s architectural trends are all about combining different materials. We are quite excited to be introducing MAC Metal steel siding in our product offering. Our goal is for Semco Stone to become a one-stop shop for all your projects. The look and design of these profiles are the perfect combination to the masonry products we are distributing. Discover their series of steel profiles offered in a wide variety of rich and unique colors that perfectly reproduce noble materials like zinc, copper and wood. The Wood Collection colors offer you the look and richness of wood without the main- tenance and flammability. They are offered in a variety of 6 different planks with different shades and grains, designed to make the final result as natural as possible. Steel siding are strong, sustainable and environmentally friendly. That’s why we’re convinced it’s the perfect combination with our brick offering. MAC products will enhance all your residential, commercial and industrial projects. Contact one of our specialists right now to learn more about these products. Learn more today and be inspired!